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Just Published: the 1st of 3 sequels to

The First Christmas of the War

Thanksgiving, 1942

Gene Kelly never actually appears within the pages of Thanksgiving, 1942 but the then-Broadway star is central to one of the tale’s plot lines.

Seventeen-year old Charlene Coleman dreams of fame after being told by Gene Kelly himself, the star of Broadway’s Pal Joey whose debut movie opens one week later – also a native of Pittsburgh, where the story is set – that she has a great deal of talent and should be out selling War Bonds across the country, and perhaps even try her luck in Hollywood. Despite the stars (literally and figuratively) in Charlene’s eyes, her mother has different ideas about her daughter’s future…leading to the inevitable clash of wills as the first Thanksgiving of World War II unfolds.

Meanwhile, Charlene’s two older brothers, Jonathan and Joseph, have traveled home to Pittsburgh all the way from Arizona for a brief holiday furlough from their Army Air Forces training... and for what all family members realize will be the boys’ last Thanksgiving at home for a long while.

For Jonathan, this Thanksgiving furlough presents a monumental predicament: what he should do when he encounters Francine Donner, his would-be fiancé. Jonathan had just started proposing to her the previous Christmas Eve when Francine blurted out a shameful secret that halted the proposal…but what will happen eleven months later when Jonathan and Francine come together again?

Irene Coleman is determined to make this Thanksgiving as joyous as possible for everyone who will gather around her table and share the festivities, despite the wartime circumstances and how difficult a year 1942 has been at war and also the home front…and even as the days leading up to the holiday itself unfold very differently than she had envisioned.

Come join Jonathan, Joseph, Charlene, Irene and Gerald, and the other members of the Coleman family during the days leading up to the first Thanksgiving of World War II in this sequel to The First Christmas of the War.