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Blocking and Tackling Your Way to Management Success

"A business model made of steel" - USA Today

"A successful touchdown attempt" - Pittsburgh Business Times

"It’s hard to argue with examples of Simon's reasoning such as 'If you take a hard   look at 40 years' worth of Pittsburgh Steelers history, you can derive a wealth of business and management lessons.' " - Pittsburgh Magazine

You'll score one business-world touchdown after another in 2010 and beyond if you consistently apply Alan Simon's 40 management lessons as you devise and execute your organization's game plan, manage your own team, and even "call the occasional management audible" when faced with sudden opportunity or adversity. Another dull and dry management book? Not this one!

Blocking and Tackling Your Way to Management Success is one of the most engaging, inspiring - and FUN - business books you'll ever read...especially if you're a Steelers fan! In his 28th book, noted author and consultant Alan Simon pairs 40 great stories from Pittsburgh Steelers history with 40 related management lessons.

Whether you're a senior executive searching for the perfect way to get all the managers in your organization on the same page of your company's playbook, or a mid-level or first-time manager looking for the game-winning lessons about real-world "blocking and tackling" management, this is perfect for each member of your company’s management team!

This book and the author are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, The National Football League, or any player, coach, or team official mentioned herein.  No representations are made by Precision Business Intelligence, LLC, Thinking Helmet, Inc., the author, or any other party to the contrary.

267 pages or eBook

ISBN: 978-0-578-02069-3

This season’s must-read, most engaging management and business book to build your high-performing team!

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